Grab your 3D glasses and check out these videos !



 Big Buck Bunny cartoon: anaglyph or red cyan 3D video animation; movie in full HD and 60 fps. This video animation requires red cyan glasses.



 3D Video anaglyph - Mit Dampfg durch die Türkei - Steam train in Turky



 Solar System Tour - 3D (Real Imagery from NASA/ESA Missions - HD



 Ocean life in 3D on the west coast of Hawaii Island.

To view this video in 3D you must use red/cyan anaglyph glasses. Please view in HD and full screen (controls on bottom right corner of YouTube player), subdued room light is better as well. This is a compilation of 3D footage captured within a few weeks on the West side of the island of Hawaii from Kona to Ho'okena, inshore and offshore. I used two Gopro cameras. Enjoy.





 Mars in 3D



  Live 3D immersive and collaborative experiences



 IDEO Labs - Amazing 3D Immersion Technology

 IDEO labs has created a simple, featherweight headset, a 10' x 10' x 10' white room, and $600,000 worth of projector and computer equipment, combined with the smarts of the folks at Eon Reality, results in one insanely real experience for this user. Can you imagine playing a game of Quake or Call of Duty with this setup? I think we can all agree that the future is going to be awesome!








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